Dog boarding fee

The fee for a day of dog boarding is 7 EUR. For less than four days, it is 10 Eur/day. There are substantious discounts for longer periods than 10 days, as well as for more dogs that come from the same family, if they can live together during their stay. The fee includes individual boarding, food and playing outside the pen two times a day. There are extra fees for heating the pen, staying inside the house and long walks (to the forest, in the park, etc.), as well as other services.
The prices may be slightly different during the top of the season (middle of summer), as well as during the winter holidays.

       The day when the dog arrives and the one he leaves are considered two separate days when calculating the total price, no matter what the time of arrival/leave because we cannot put a dog in those days in the same pen, due to general cleaning and disinfection.

Dog daycare fee

       The fee for a monthly subscription is 120 EUR. The hours are fixed according to each family's working hours (generally, from Monday to Friday, from 7 AM to 17 PM). Food is included. There are extra fees for keeping the dog inside the house and daily transport..

Training fee

       The fee for obedience training is 400 EUR. It includes boarding and food for one month, as well as weekly training sessions with the owner.
       The fee for show training is 250 EUR. It includes boarding for two weeks, food, training for shows, as well as two free handling sessions at shows. The dog must have a good behaviour (preferable has gone through obedience before).
       There are big discounts for both training sessions done at once.

       We accept for boarding only healthy dogs, with health card that can probe a recent vet check. There are extra fees for bitches in season, aggressive dogs and dogs that have health problems as long as they are not contagious (like walking problems, surgery recovery, etc.). These dogs will be isolated from the others.


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