A new concept in Romania, but well-known and appreciated in other countries, the dog daycare is mainly for young dogs, who need a good education from the very beginning. No matter what you expect from your dog in future, games partner or future guard, the basis of the education is the same. During the daycare program, your dog will benefit from the following:

  • socialization - the dog will have good manners around other dogs, people and new situations;

  • safety - there are many "domestic" dangers at home, for a young dog that is left alone in the house, like cables that can be chewed, etc.;

  • pleasant ways to burn out the energy, because the boredom can push him to "take revenge" against your new furniture, favuorite shoes, etc.;

  • training - yor dog's future behaviour will be influenced by the things he learns in his puppyhood.

       There is no need to wait for training until the dog is grown up, because there is always easier to prevent than it is to correct.

       The hours that you spend in the office will now represent happy hours for your dog. The hours are agreed according to your family's schedule. There is permanent supervision on the dogs. Transport is available on request.
       Each dog will be accepted on the basis of his health card.

Dog Daycare
       The long awaited holidays are finally here... And still, because of differen reasons, the dog cannot come with us in the long-awaited escape from the city. What can be done ? Give up on our plans ? Ask (again) our neighbour to take care of the dog? With all the good will, our friend may not have the time and knowledge to face different unexpected situations that may arise.

       But what if there is a solution? What if there is a place where the dog can be taken care of as well as at home, so that you can relax in your holiday, knowing that he is in good hands? Now, there is! Petland offers high standard services for dog boarding.

-        The dog boarding is done in pens or inside the house. The pens are covered on the top with a special material that keeps the rain and also the heat away. The pens are secured by alarm systems and are built on concrete floors, in order to prevent slipping and to facilitate daily cleaning. Each pen has cleaning facilities and also a small vertical sprinkler that allows tones of fun during hot weather.

-        The dog houses are made of wood, according to the size of the dog; they are insulated and offer a confortable shelter. Because there are dogs who like to climb on the roof, this is flat and allows them to stay there and take a peek on what's happening around. There is a heating system available for the dog houses, when necessary.

-        There is always fresh water available in bowls that are fixed on the fence, depending on each dog's height. Food is of the best quality. For the finicky eaters, we can cook food like mom is doing at home.

-        There is permanent supervision and medical assistence is available by co-operation with a vet. Each dog is taken out for a walk minimum two times a day. There is a playground available for energetic dogs.

-        Another extra options available are: long walks in the forest and in the park, play in the mini-pool, grooming, washing, training for dog shows and handling. For inquisitive owners, who have access to Internet and webcam during their holiday, we can organize short online meetings with their four-legged friend, or we can record some of the moments spent here at Petland.

       The dog is accepted only with his health card, proving that the dog is healthy and has all vaccination done, according to a vet control. Reservations are taken in advance, due to limited number of places.

Dog boarding
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